Flat-fee pricing, per app. Pay only for what you need.
$0 / mo
  • 100 validations

  • Consumable Products
  • Non-Consumable Products
  • Ticket Support

  • Apps with ~2.000 MAU
/ mo *
  • 500 validations

  • Everything in FREE, plus...
  • + Subscription Products
  • + 1 Year Transaction Storage
  • + 6 Months User Storage

  • Apps with ~10.000 MAU
$22 / mo *
  • 2500 validations

  • Everything in STARTER, plus...
  • + 2 Year Transaction Storage
  • + 1 Year User Storage
  • + Priority Ticket Support
  • + Webhooks

  • Apps with ~50.000 MAU
$82 / mo *
  • 10000 validations

  • Everything in INDIE, plus...
  • + Live Chat Support
  • + Burst

  • Apps with ~200.000 MAU
* Prices excl. VAT
Need more validations? Get in touch for a custom plan or discussing overage fees when making use of Burst.
In short: we only deduct one validation if you earned something.

One validation is deducted from your monthly quota for each successful receipt validation on a new purchase. A new purchase is a transaction that has not been registered with your app before, like a new product/subscription purchase or subscription renewal. Also, for non-consumable purchases a transaction is deemed as new after it expired (see Transaction and User Storage) and the user invoking the restore transactions workflow again. Failed receipt validations (fake purchases) or adding the same transaction to a different user device (when not using an account system) do not count against your monthly quota.
The reset date is determined by your monthly subscription’s billing date. On that date, the validation quota resets at 00:00 UTC.
Yes! If you see a sudden increase in validations for your app, you can upgrade to get fresh quota immediately. Whenever changing to a different paid plan, the billing cycle resets.
Absolutely. If you cancel your paid subscription, you will still be able to use the remaining quota and features for that plan until the billing cycle ends. At that date, the subscription will change to the free plan.
When changing subscriptions, the new plan takes effect immediately. Your current quota and billing cycle resets and you will be billed right away. When your app takes off and you need new quota, this is a way to get it quickly. Otherwise, you might want to change the plan at the end of your current billing cycle.
Transaction Storage is a feature to ensure transaction receipts are unique across your app. Fraudulent users will not be able to send a transaction more than once in order to unlock content they do not rightfully own.
The inventory of users, i.e. active subscriptions and non-consumables, is stored in the cloud and retrieved by logging into your app. Without interaction, this inventory is available for the duration stated in the plan. The duration is reset when adding new transactions. Meaning that for a subscription based app, on active subscribers it will never expire - when using a plan that supports your longest subscription cycle. Or, users doing a purchase at least every few months. After expiration, the inventory can be set again by invoking the native restore transactions workflow.