In-App Purchase Validation made easy, for everyone.
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Receipts Processed
One clear objective.
A validation platform without the fuzz
With just a few lines of code, you'll be able to secure transactions, keep subscription status up-to-date and watch your app grow across platforms.
In-App Purchases
All products including non/consumables and subscriptions are validated on the platform in order to eliminate fake purchases.
React on events that happen outside the app, such as renews or cancellation, in order to always know the current subscription status.
Purchase transactions are stored and checked for uniqueness, so different customers can never send the same purchase twice.
Set up webhooks to get notified about successful receipt validations and process them on your own server as you wish.

Ready To Use
Save time and resources rather than reinventing the wheel - better spend it developing your app. It only takes few minutes to get started.
Managed Cloud
Let us handle the infrastructure to serve millions of users and validations. Focus on your app, not server maintenance.

Fair Pricing
Our pricing model is based on your use of the platform. Unlike our competitors, we do not track or care about your monthly revenue.
Do not pay more than you need. Validations exceeding your free validation quota fall into a transparent, usage-based billing calculation.
Gain insights into your use of the platform, free quota and total validations as well as the most recent transactions.

We do not store more data than necessary to operate. Therefore we cannot calculate or display your revenue – and we do not want to!
Straight to the point.
An API that is complete and easy to work with
We'll take you from start to finish with a well-structured, complete documentation for your integration needs. In case something is missing, just ask!
Create as many free apps as you like.
Upgrade whenever you want.
View daily and monthly statistics
on your validation count and history.
Test with sandbox transactions
which do not affect your quota.
We currently support Google Play and the Apple App Store.
In order to ensure transactions are unique, their identifiers are persisted to the cloud - not their contents! For displaying them in the frontend, only the most recent transactions are recorded and wiped out every few hours.
Our backend servers and storage are run by Cloudflare, always available and distributed around the world handling billions of requests within milliseconds. No validation request should get lost due to server outage, ever. For the non-critical part such as hosting this frontend, we are using servers with a minimum uptime of 99% including maintenance.