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  • RE: Can we get an update for the iOS App Store tutorial?

    Hi there, thank you for the notice.

    The process and UI really has not changed that much, but the link is now Meaning, you will find a similar page for each screenshot shown in the guide, but on this URL, instead of iTunesConnect.

    TestFlight was and still is optional for testing - the easiest way is to deploy to your connected device directly, via XCode, so you are able to watch the compiler and build logs during deployment. There is no need to upload a build to AppStore Connect in this case (which makes it faster). Are you sure XCode does not show a single message regarding Unity IAP? If something is misconfigured, that would be the first step to look at.

    I will look into updating the guide screenshots on Monday. Thanks!

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  • RE: Create a variable (float) with which I can handle the position of an object

    Using the "PathGetPoint" method described in the other thread, a sample script could look like this:

    using UnityEngine;
    using DG.Tweening;
    using SWS;
    public class PositionOnPathValue : MonoBehaviour
        // Object progress on the path, 0 to 1
        [Range(0f, 1f)]
        public float progress = 0f;
        private splineMove move;
        //get references at start
        void Start()
            move = GetComponent<splineMove>();
            //force initialize movement tween in this frame
            //pause immediately as we control it manually
        void Update()
            //set position to point on path based on variable
            transform.position = move.tween.PathGetPoint(progress);

    When attached to an object with a splineMove script, you'll see a slider in the inspector for controlling the "progress" value. Manipulating this value puts the object back and forth on the path. Note that I kept it simple for demonstration purposes. It does not contain animations, the script basically just gets a point on the path and assigns it to the object Transform.

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  • RE: Create a variable (float) with which I can handle the position of an object

    Hi there,

    I would recommend checking out the following thread as the requirement seems to be very similar:

    To be clear, you would be looking at the PathInputDemo example scene and its sample script making use of the tween.fullPosition property. This is the property you need to put objects on a relative position on the path - doing this e.g. with a graphical slider would then just be an additional way on top.

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  • RE: Product Catalog Not Saved Between Editor Sessions


    you are right, this was fixed in Simple IAP System v5.0.2.

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  • RE: Move Rigidbody (elevator/platform mechanic)

    Does the object need to behave with physics and collide with the ground, meaning is it a non-player controlled item like a ball? In that case it would be difficult, since Transform updates do not correctly calculate physics on Rigidbodies as mentioned above.

    If the object in the elevator is the player, or does not need to fully work with physics and gravity, a very common way is to attach (parent) the object to the elevator transform, so it moves along with it automatically.

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  • RE: [IAP 2] Dynamically load products from online stores

    Not sure what you mean. Users are displayed the App Store price in the native checkout popup regardless of what price you display on the product. You can e.g. download a sale configuration from your remote source to display an additional banner on a specific product, with an "old price" text. For the current price the App Store always wins.

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  • RE: How to rotate an object at some waypoints?

    Hi Grayson,

    you could either call a custom method that does the rotation over time at a specific waypoint event, overwriting the default rotation, or control the waypoint rotation on the full path manually - have you had a chance to look into the Example10_WaypointRotation sample scene yet?

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  • RE: Move Rigidbody (elevator/platform mechanic)

    Hi there, thanks for joining the forum.

    Simple Waypoint System either makes use of tweens (via DOTween, update Transform) or Unity navigation (again Transform updates I guess) depending on the movement script.

    As Rigidbodies usually use physics calculations independent from Transform updates, they cannot be used in combination with a movement script running at the same time. The transform changes from one component would just override the other.

    With that said, as long as "Use Gravity" is disabled on the RigidBody, it can still be used with e.g. splineMove. The Rigidbody would contain its mass but be moved with Transform updates, which would work for a platform or elevator. Have you tried it out yet?

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  • RE: Can't place waypoints

    Solutions can be simple sometimes too ;)

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  • RE: [FR] Add access to localizedPrice metadata property

    We're mixing up terms then - Fetching in Simple IAP System refers to the "Fetch" checkbox on the products. It is unrelated to Unity IAP downloading product metadata from the App Stores, this data is always available on physical devices. Just something to keep in mind.

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