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Public Member Functions

override void Add (string aKey, JSONNode aItem)
override JSONNode Remove (int aIndex)
override JSONNode Remove (string aKey)
override JSONNode Remove (JSONNode aNode)
IEnumerator GetEnumerator ()
override string ToString ()
override string ToString (string aPrefix)
override void Serialize (System.IO.BinaryWriter aWriter)
- Public Member Functions inherited from JSONNode
virtual void Add (JSONNode aItem)
override string ToString ()
override bool Equals (object obj)
override int GetHashCode ()
void SaveToStream (System.IO.Stream aData)
void SaveToFile (string aFileName)
string SaveToBase64 ()


override JSONNode this[int aIndex] [get, set]
override JSONNode this[string aKey] [get, set]
override int Count [get]
override IEnumerable< JSONNodeChilds [get]
- Properties inherited from JSONNode
virtual JSONNode this[int aIndex] [get, set]
virtual JSONNode this[string aKey] [get, set]
virtual string Value [get, set]
virtual int Count [get]
virtual IEnumerable< JSONNodeChilds [get]
IEnumerable< JSONNodeDeepChilds [get]
virtual int AsInt [get, set]
virtual float AsFloat [get, set]
virtual double AsDouble [get, set]
virtual bool AsBool [get, set]
virtual JSONArray AsArray [get]
virtual JSONClass AsObject [get]

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from JSONNode
static implicit operator JSONNode (string s)
static implicit operator string (JSONNode d)
static bool operator== (JSONNode a, object b)
static bool operator!= (JSONNode a, object b)
static JSONNode Parse (string aJSON)
static JSONNode Deserialize (System.IO.BinaryReader aReader)
static JSONNode LoadFromCompressedFile (string aFileName)
static JSONNode LoadFromCompressedStream (System.IO.Stream aData)
static JSONNode LoadFromCompressedBase64 (string aBase64)
static JSONNode LoadFromStream (System.IO.Stream aData)
static JSONNode LoadFromFile (string aFileName)
static JSONNode LoadFromBase64 (string aBase64)

Member Function Documentation

override void Add ( string  aKey,
JSONNode  aItem 

Reimplemented from JSONNode.

IEnumerator GetEnumerator ( )
override JSONNode Remove ( int  aIndex)

Reimplemented from JSONNode.

override JSONNode Remove ( string  aKey)

Reimplemented from JSONNode.

override JSONNode Remove ( JSONNode  aNode)

Reimplemented from JSONNode.

override void Serialize ( System.IO.BinaryWriter  aWriter)

Reimplemented from JSONNode.

override string ToString ( )
override string ToString ( string  aPrefix)

Reimplemented from JSONNode.

Property Documentation

override IEnumerable<JSONNode> Childs
override int Count
override JSONNode this[int aIndex]
override JSONNode this[string aKey]

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