Simple IAP System  5.0
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IAP object properties. This is a meta-class for an IAP item. More...

Public Member Functions

IDs GetIDs ()
bool IsVirtual ()

Public Attributes

string referenceID
string ID
List< StoreMetaDefinitionstoreIDs = new List<StoreMetaDefinition>()
StoreBillingDefinition customBilling = new StoreBillingDefinition()
IAPCategory category
ProductType type = ProductType.Consumable
string title
string description
bool discount = false
bool fetch = false
Sprite icon
Dictionary< string, string > customData = new Dictionary<string, string>()
List< IAPExchangeObjectpriceList = new List<IAPExchangeObject>()
List< IAPExchangeObjectrewardList = new List<IAPExchangeObject>()
IAPRequirement requirement = new IAPRequirement()
IAPProduct nextUpgrade
 Product reference for the following upgrade. More...

Detailed Description

IAP object properties. This is a meta-class for an IAP item.

Member Function Documentation

IDs GetIDs ( )
bool IsVirtual ( )

Member Data Documentation

IAPCategory category
Dictionary<string, string> customData = new Dictionary<string, string>()
string description
bool discount = false
bool fetch = false
Sprite icon
string ID
IAPProduct nextUpgrade

Product reference for the following upgrade.

List<IAPExchangeObject> priceList = new List<IAPExchangeObject>()
string referenceID
IAPRequirement requirement = new IAPRequirement()
List<IAPExchangeObject> rewardList = new List<IAPExchangeObject>()
List<StoreMetaDefinition> storeIDs = new List<StoreMetaDefinition>()
string title

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